Sarah Reeves
Party of Five
Portrayed by Jennifer love Hewitt
First appearance "Ready or not"
Last appearance "Bye, Bye, Love"

Created by

Christopher Keyser and Amy Lippman
Nickname(s) Sarah
Born 1978/1979
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Residence San Francisco, California
Relationships Bailey Salinger (boyfriend)

Mrs. Reeves (adoptive mother)

Mr. Reeves (adoptive father)

Robin Merrin † (biological mother)

Unnamed Father (biological)

Mr. Merrin (biological grandfather)

Mrs. Merrin † (biological grandmother)

Sarah Reeves was first introduced in season 2 the first episode.

She is a main character and appears in all episodes. Sarah Reeves is a new addition to the show in the second season as Bailey's girlfriend. During "Naming Names" Sarah changes her name to Sarah Reeves Merrin to remember her biological mother.

Time of Your LifeEdit

Sarah Reeves appeared as the main character in the spin-off of Party of Five. Sarah has moved to New York to find out more about her biological mother. The show only ran for 1 season, 19 episodes.