Much Ado
Season Season 1, Episode 07
Air date October 24, 1994
Written by Ken Topolsky
Directed by Hollis Rich
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Much Ado is the seventh episode of the first season of Party of Five. It aired on October 24, 1994.


Kristen finds out about Rebecca and breaks up with Charlie; Charlie sees Julia at the club and assumes that she's there partying; Claudia becomes jealous of Bailey's new relationship with Kate and gives Kate the wrong message so she'll miss her date with Bailey. Owen is rushed to the hospital.

Cast and charactersEdit


Scott Wolf - Bailey Salinger
Matthew Fox - Charlie Salinger
Neve Campbell - Julia Salinger
Lacey Chabert - Claudia Salinger
Paula Devicq - Kirsten Bennett
Scott Grimes - Will McCorkle


Mitchell Anderson - Ross Werkman
Jennifer Blanc - Kate Bishop
Taylor Porter - Owen Salinger
Christa Taylor-Lawrence - Theresa
Jane Lynch - Dr. Pennant


Claudia: Look, I know why you're here. You think I should go to the hospital.
Bailey: No, it's just--
Claudia: But I'm not going to. I can't.
Bailey: Yeah, I know. I know what you're thinking about, Claud. We all are.
Claudia: But you think it's bad that I'm not going, don't you? I mean, Owen is sick, and--
Bailey: Claudia, I think it's okay. Really. You don't have to go.
Claudia: You mean it?
Bailey: It's okay, don't feel bad. Everyone understands... and Owen knows that you love him.
Claudia: (smiles, then looks away) You probably have to get back now, huh?
Bailey: No, I've got a few minutes.
Claudia: You can go. Don't worry about me.
Bailey: Come on, I do. I worry about you.

Claudia: Bailey--
Bailey: Not now, Claud.
Claudia: But we're supposed to go have dinner together, as a whole family.
Bailey: Yeah? Well, I'm a little sick of the whole family right now. (leaves)

Charlie: (alone with Claudia, talking about how he broke up with Kirsten) Look, Claud, I'm really sorry. I know it was really great having Kirsten around and everything, but... (voice trails off)
Claudia: I think... I think I'll go call Ross. Maybe he's free.
Charlie: I can take you to dinner.
Claudia: (shakes her head) You know, I don't know why you do these things, Charlie, but I wish you would just stop.