Charlie Salinger
Gender Male
Family Brother(s): Bailey and Owen Salinger
Sister(s): Julia and Claudia Salinger

Partners = Kirsten (ex-fiance) , Emily (ex), Kathleen (ex-girlfriend)

First Appearance "Pilot"
Last Appearance "..That Ends Well"
Occupation Waiter/Owner of Salinger's
Portrayed By Matthew Fox

Charlie Salinger is a fictional character on Party of Five and is portrayed by Matthew Fox.

Charlie is the brother to Bailey, Julia, Claudia and Owen Sailnger. Six months prior to the show's start, Charlie lost his parents to a car accident. He, being the eldest, was left to raise his four younger siblings. Charlie is very responsible and caring, as well as loving.

He is a main character and appears in all episodes.


Bailey SalingerEdit

Bailey is Charlie's younger brother by eight years. Charlie often loses patience with Bailey's recklessness but does his best to look out for his little brother.

Julia SalingerEdit

Julia is Charlie's younger sister by nine years. She looks up to him as both a brother and a parental figure.

Claudia SalingerEdit

Claudia is Charlie's younger sister by thirteen years. At times, Charlie finds Claudia very annoying because she likes to pester him with questions, but he is very much a father figure to her.

Owen SalingerEdit

Owen is Charlie's younger brother by 23 years. Due to Owen's young age when their parents died, Charlie is the only father figure Owen will ever know.

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